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Versalift, Your Best Gift For Him This Season!

It’s Christmas time- a time for festivities, cheer, food, and spending time with loved ones. And presents are an integral aspect of it too. If you want to gift your loved one something as unique as he or she is, why not consider Versalift?

This fantastic lift system is versatile, safe and extremely efficient. Not only is it an excellent gift for the man in your life, but it is also a great way to encourage him to keep the garage, clutter-free. It is the best garage storage system available, and it offers a simple way to move items from the garage to your attic- all at the touch of a button!

Why Get a Versa Lift For Him?

Convenience And Ease- If you find that getting your husband or partner to transfer things from the garage to the attic becomes an almost impossible task, Versalift is the answer to your woes. Once you get this installed, you will find that these tasks are a breeze. He will be as eager as you to clear the clutter from the garage. The attic lift system is the ideal solution to move things conveniently.  

Safety- Navigating stairs while carrying heavy and unwieldy things can be extremely challenging. There are also the risks of your partner losing his balance and falling while doing this task. But with the Versalift installed, you don't have to worry about any of these things. He can load all the storage items onto the lift and send them up with just a push of a button.  

No Risk of Back Injuries- Lifting boxes filled with heavy things can cause a severe back injury. Carrying these things up a shaky attic ladder is another risk you don’t want him to take. But when you get our garage-to-attic lift installed, you are protecting the safety and health of your family members.

Perfect Storage and Organization- Decluttering the garage space isn't normally a fun activity and most people tend to defer doing this. However, the Versa Lift is easy to install and use, which makes keeping things organized very quick and easy.

Versatile- Every home will have a different layout, and Versalift can fit in easily in various spaces including homes with basements, elevated coastal homes split-level homes, as well on covered decks. It's one of the simplest and most cost-efficient ways to carry various storage items up and down from one floor to another.  

Discreet Garage Ceiling Storage (Oklahoma)

While there are numerous garage storage systems on the market, most are quite bulky and cumbersome to install and use. If your partner has a workbench in the garage or if he uses it as a man cave, these standard storage racks, hanging from the ceiling, will be nothing but an eyesore and something to bang your head on. In comparison, Versalift is a discreet overhead garage storage system. It fits perfectly into a framed opening in the garage ceiling and parks totally flush against the ceiling. The lift has a discreet appearance as it stays completely out of the way when not in use.

Any way you look at it, Versalift is an awesome gift for him this season. If you want to know more about our garage-to-attic lift system, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Versa Lift. You can call us at (405) 491 8550 or visit



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